Food Pouts

Being an adventurous eater there are very few things I am unwilling to at least taste but I have found recently there were some veggies I haven’t tried and I want to rectify this. Squash […]


My little man has a cold. Of course that means the world must stop spinning because he doesn’t feel good, right? He stayed home from school today because he woke up pretty miserable after a […]

Snuggle Time

What is your favourite hour of the day? My kids are 12 and 5. They are both in school and have activities after school that keeps us busy. Which also adds to the day going […]


Name five things inside your refrigerator right now and how you feel about them. 1. Edamame – This has become my new go to snack. It is tasty and it is fun but I do […]

Miss Pissy

I am in a crummy mood. I feel horrible about it which irritates me more. When I get in a mood like this everyone just needs to get the hell out of my way. This […]