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Miss Pissy

I am in a crummy mood. I feel horrible about it which irritates me more. When I get in a mood like this everyone just needs to get the hell out of my way. This […]

knit 1 purl 1

I got a couple of really fantastic coupons for Michaels in the mail today.  Michaels is a craft and hobby store which I absolutely love and could easily spend copious amounts of money there.  I […]

Too Many Too Pick

Who is your favourite character of all time? I struggled with this question because I am the type who easily gets immersed in the story and involved with the characters so it is difficult to […]

Time Change

So time changed mysteriously early this morning as it does twice a year, every year, at least since I have been alive. How do all of you handle it? I end up waking up all […]

Bad Blogger

I haven’t put anything on my blog for over a month 😦 I am a bad bad blogger. If it helps I have thought about it many times 🙂 just haven’t managed to sit down […]