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Busy Day

Today consisted of several loads of laundry, hand making 60 invitations, working on finishing a blanket I am crocheting and babysitting or my cousin. I am tired.

Not a Good Day

There is only so many “I hate you”‘s and ” Your mean”‘s and “Your the worst mommy ever”‘s before a person will break. I am at that breaking point with my kids. I know this […]


My little man has a cold. Of course that means the world must stop spinning because he doesn’t feel good, right? He stayed home from school today because he woke up pretty miserable after a […]

Grade Frustration

My daughter, Alexzandria, is 12 and will be turning 13 in about a month. She is also in the 8th grade which is a year ahead for her age. She is ├╝ber smart, not a […]

Snuggle Time

What is your favourite hour of the day? My kids are 12 and 5. They are both in school and have activities after school that keeps us busy. Which also adds to the day going […]