Next Big Thing

In a few short months my baby, my son, will be starting middle school. And then it will be a few short years, six to be exact, and he will be graduating high school.  I remember very clearly these years with my daughter who graduated 2 years ago.  She was so busy with school and extracurricular activates that the time just zoomed past us.  I will be 50 when he graduates high school and I have given myself a fairly large goal to accomplish by that time.  I want to finish my bachelors’ degree by the time my son graduates from high school.  Luckily, I am about half way there since I already have my associates.  Unluckily, because I haven’t stayed current several of my classes no longer count.  I’m not sure how I did it but I managed to graduate without a fine arts or a humanities.  I also have to redo my biology credits since the anatomy & physiology class I took no longer count.  Tuesday I have an appointment with the counselor to see exactly where I stand and hopefully I will be able to begin in the fall no later than next spring.

I have always enjoyed learning and have thought about going back to finish my degree many times but just let the time pass me by.  My biggest decision I was grappling with leading up to this was to continue my business administration degree with a specialty in accounting or to change it to a straight up accounting degree.  The accounting degree would mean extra time before I can transfer though so I decided to stay with the business administration and if down the line I wish to change it I will try after I make the transfer.  I was also toying with the idea of getting an engineering degree.  I am not a math buff but I do enjoy the puzzles of math and would be interested in learning higher levels but I still came to the same conclusion to finish the degree I am already working on and maybe if I am still interested later I can go back.

Wish me luck that this all falls together nicely.