Hello, my name is Kat and I am a second guesser. Second guessing has never worked for me and I am constantly telling myself to stop.  I would follow instructions step by step, knowing that I followed them step by step, and obsess over it not working.  Until it works and then I am kicking myself in the butt for spend precious energy worrying about whether I did it right or not.  I do this a lot and others have noticed as well.

What does it take for us to trust ourselves and our abilities?  For me personally it seems like an impossible mountain to climb and I just trudge along in the foothills, trying to pretend that not climbing that mountain makes me happy.  I tell myself that I am perfectly content where I am and I am, for the most part, but there are just some days when I really want to climb that mountain.

That’s when the second guessing popped its nasty little head in.  You take that first step and it is a little uncomfortable, are you sure you stepped in the right spot?  Maybe if you stepped over there instead then the climb would be easier; you should just back up and start over.  Ok, trying again, taking that other step, nope the first step was much better.  Well, now what are we gonna do?  You can’t take this step because obviously that last step was such a better climb. Wash, rinse, repeat.

It would be really nice to wake up one morning and say, “hey, today I am going to (insert random amazing adventure here)” and not question every step of the way if all your choices and decisions were the best.  I’m just saying.

Oh and I second guessed posting this about a million times.  Even after my hubby read it and told me it was good.  However, in the end, I didn’t let the second guesser win.

Here is a random pic of my Saturday coffee cup. I also have a Jack Skellington mug that is for Sundays.  Mondays thru Fridays do not get special mugs, just the plain white stoneware that came with my plate set, as they are not special sip my coffee and relax kind of days like Saturdays and cup 1