Holiday Blues

My in laws started decorating the house for Christmas today. We had the kids put up the ornaments on the tree and it looks beautiful, even the straight line of ornaments my son hung up. All of it has made me quite sad though. I am not sure if I mentioned this before or not but this last summer we lost everything. We had a storage unit we were using until we could get a place of our own and it was broken into. They took everything. How they managed to pull a truck up to the door and clear everything out without anyone seeing anything boggles the mind.

So at times like this I am reminded that all my mementoes are gone. As we were decorating the tree I was thinking about all my family ornaments that are gone. They were all the ornaments I had collected over the years, all of the ornaments my mom and dad had collected, and all the ornaments my grandmother had collected. I am devastated thinking about all the family heirlooms that were probably just tossed in a dumpster somewhere. I know that in time it will get easier but these first holidays are becoming more and more difficult.