Holiday Madness

A few years ago a lady I worked and I came up with this idea to boost morale in our office, we would have a mini celebration everyday. Sometimes it would be as small as the color green day and then sometimes it would be fun like national cheesecake day! We would write up something on her white board since everyone could see it walking by and on days such as national cheesecake day we would bring in something to celebrate with, like a cheesecake, mmm cheesecake. Umm ok where was I. So yeah, It just made the day a little more festive. 🙂

Well I have decided to share this with all of you. It is pretty easy to find these days, I just googled “everyday holidays” and for todays holiday I used this website, Holiday Insights , I enjoy some of these quirky holidays and I hope you do too.

Today is Santa’s List Day. Have you been good all year? Have you been Naughty? Or, have you been nice? Santa knows.

Santa’s Elves have been everywhere, checking up on children all over the world, to see who has been naughty, and who has been nice. Thanks to the hard work of his elves, Santa now has two lists. The short list contains the names of a few children who have been naughty. A much longer list is filled with the names of children who have been good all year long.

Which list are you on?

Kids….. make sure to be especially good around the holidays. That’s when parents need children to be on their best behavior, as they are busy preparing for the holidays.

Happy Santa’s List Day!!!!

Origin of Santa’s List Day:
We have it on good authority, that this day was created at the North Pole.

We interviewed Santa, and a few of his top elves. They tell us that they strive to make the first draft of Santa’s “Naughty” and “Nice” lists by this day. Then, they review and adjust it, all the way to Christmas eve.

Santa told us that doing extra chores, or something special to help out around the house between now and Christmas, will get you off the “Naughty” list, and onto the “Nice” list.