Water Take Me Away

In the Zodiac Gemini’s are air signs.  This means that elementally speaking Gemini’s have a stronger connection to air and all of its properties.  I am a Gemini and for the most part air terrifies me.  A gentle breeze is nice and all but I have lived 10 of my 36 years in Oklahoma where a gentle breeze can whip up into a tornado given the right weather patterns.  Patterns that tend to happen a lot in Oklahoma.

I think that I should have been born under a water sign, really going to have to take that up with my mom, because I am so freaking in love with the water it might be a little unnatural.  The beach is my favorite.  I love standing on the edge of the ocean and feeling the power that surrounds you there.  The ebb and flow of the tides is so relaxing and calming I can easily slip into a meditative state.

My connection to water is a healing one for me.  I know that no matter how crappy I am feeling that if I am able to spend some time in the water I will come out feel rejuvenated.  I cannot say the same about standing in the middle of a windstorm.  Now I am sitting here wondering what my point to all of this was, I know I had one when I sat down and now my brain is just rambling.  Hmm coffee.