Hello My Name Is Destruction

If you had to switch your first name, what name would you choose and why?

My first name is Katrina. Yep just like the hurricane. When I was a kid I always want to change my name because I had never met or heard of anyone named Katrina. The first time I came across anyone who shared my name was as a sophomore in high school. I had wanted to change it to Crystal, because you know that was a wildly popular name. Anywho I became comfortable enough in high school with my name and then came my first nickname. I went to work in a mail room right out of high school, I was the only girl in a department of men, and evidentially the men thought Katrina was a mouthful so I was deemed Katie. Only a few select still call me this and I adore me all but now the most common name I go by is Kat. Why you might ask? That is an interesting story that blame on President Bush and global warming.

Before hurricane Katrina no one ever really commented on my name, after hurricane Katrina I was getting crap everywhere I went. I would use my credit card and the cashier would start relaying the news they heard about the destruction, I had a coworker who gave me daily updates about all the destruction I caused. Yes, she would come in every day with comments like, you caused this many deaths yesterday. Nope, I am pretty sure it wasn’t me! That situation got so out of hand that I actually had to talk to my superiors to ask her o stop. It was very stressful. Now, for the most part I only get the occasional “like the hurricane” when spelling my name or maybe a curious comment every once in a while. But best of all, was when I was watching a documentary about tornadoes and the man speaking said, “as global warming gets worse and we see an increase of hurricanes, tornadoes, and Katrinas”, I kid you not, I am now my own category of destruction.

Ps I love these prompts being provided by Blogher for the NaBloPoMo 🙂