Moving Along

A week ago today at 2:33pm my uncle was pronounced dead. I wasn’t particularly close to him however have a good relationship with my cousins. I was there to help them through the day as they had been told it wasn’t going to be much longer. A couple of my cousins went to tell my aunt what was going on, she is in a long term care facility on life support, he passed within minutes of them telling her. It was almost as if he held on to make sure she was prepared. I was sitting in the room when he passed, something I have never experienced, and it was completely peaceful. Nothing like I have ever been told he simply was breathing one minute and then not the next. My cousins are trying their best to get back to normal or as normal as they can knowing that their mothers time is limited too. I have done my best to help them the best I know how, food and distraction. The hardest thing for me is that he wasn’t much older than my own father and I do not like thinking about the possibility of losing a parent.